“Noon By Noor Signature”

Noon By Noor’s modern aesthetic and ethos fuses understated luxury with a sense of self-assured femininity.

Relaxed silhouettes and intricate details combine with a deep appreciation of masculine dress codes, to create signature pieces: a perfectly tailored blazer and oversized shirt, fundamentals that continue to define the designers’ vision.

 “Noon By Noor Signature”

“Keep it Real”

Noon By Noor’s design philosophy lies in true artistry with a subtle hand, where timeless wearable pieces are constructed and adorned with exquisite details. Precise yet relaxed crisp-cotton shirts that riff on masculine codes are worn under immaculately structured tailoring and paired with impeccably cut trousers.

 “Keep it Real”

"Confidence and Joy"

At the heart of the Noon By Noor design philosophy are the women who wear our clothes; individuals of style and substance who value quality as well as a fresh and intelligent design perspective, and, who themselves, exist to make a difference. Ultimately, Noon By Noor’s carefully curated collections celebrate the woman who dresses for herself.

"Noon By Noor Mini"

In 2018, Noon By Noor introduced Noon By Noor Mini, an indulgent spin off, which captures innocence, and undeniable charm in luxuriously playful silhouettes.

Whether through lively embellishments or whimsical prints, Noon By Noor Mini collections celebrate the carefree spirit of youth and imagination. It commemorates tales of mother-daughter moments and drapes a younger audience in understated luxury.

While maintaining the main line’s sharp tailoring and effortless chic aesthetic, Noon By Noor Mini parallels a softer take on sophistication and elegance. 

We are currently working on creating something special. Noon By Noor Mini will be launching soon.
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