Spring 2022

"A photograph of Bahraini pearl divers in their sarongs gently gathered and tied at the waist, mixed with dreams of summer sunshine, holiday memories and flowers, were the starting point for our summer collection development."

- Designers Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa & Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa.

Look 1A

Look 1B

Look 2A

Look 2B

Look 3A

Look 3B

Look 3C

Look 4A

Look 4B

Look 5A

Look 5B

Look 6A

Look 6B

Look 7A

Look 7B

Look 8A

Look 8B

Look 8C

Look 9A

Look 9B

Look 9C

Look 10A

Look 10B

Look 11A

Look 11B

Look 12A

Look 12B

Look 13A

Look 13B

Look 13C

Look 14A

Look 15A

Look 16A

Look 16B

Look 17A

Look 18A

Look 19A

Look 19B