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Our store takes payment in USD but can display prices in a range of currencies, if you'd like to select one you can do so here.
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Payments offers the following payment methods to all customers:

• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express

On the checkout page, after you click “Complete Order”, you will be redirected to our verified online payment partner’s (“Tap”) website to complete your online payment.

All online transactions made through and our verified online payment partner “Tap” are secure and encrypted.

All purchases made through are processed in US dollars irrespective of the display currency selected while browsing the e-shop or display currency selected on Tap payment gateway, with exception to payments made through BenefitPay, which are processed in Bahrain’s local currency (BHD). Find out more in the below section.

Without having to enter your credit card details on the website, your PayPal account will be charged once you complete all checkout details and click “Complete Order”. To register for a PayPal account, please visit the website

You may opt to make your payment in Bahrain’s local currency (BHD) through BenefitPay.

Follow these simple steps:
1. At payment checkout page, select “Credit Card”.
2. Proceed to click “Complete Order”.
3. On Tap payment gateway, select “BHD” as your currency.
4. Click “BENEFIT” to be redirected to Benefit payment gateway.